We can help you change your relationship with money

Money is an integral part of life; and that is not about being materialistic, it is about being realistic.

It’s not always about having a lot of money. It’s about having the money we need to feel safe and secure firstly. After that, it’s about using our money to do what is really important to us.

Getting in control of your finances will get you focused on where you really want your money to go. And this is the first step to an abundant life.

We can help you get in control of your finances and start getting ahead financially if you are:

• Overwhelmed by the chaos in your financial life
• Anxious that your debt is out of control
• Interested in doing better financially but don’t know how
• Earning good money but don’t know where it all goes
• Stressed that you run out of money before pay day
• Recently divorced and have never had to manage the household money
• Running a small business but stick your head in the sand when it comes to money

If you answer yes to any of these and would like guidance with your finances contact us today.

 Budget Sessions

A one on one session to talk through your personal money situation and goals, and produce a personalised budget and action plan.

Budget Workshops

Come along to one of our budgeting workshops where we will go through budgeting at a high level and give lots of tips along the way.

Budgeting & Values

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